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Ground Screws
Solar Rackings
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WBQ Solar Racking System
Solar rackings and structures are developed to accomplish the requirement of each project considering ground height differences, sollecitations, nature of the soil, inclination of panels, and other eventual needs.
Production is made under severe standard of quality  in order to provide long lasting structures easy to install. Learn More

WBQ Solar racking system mainly includes ground photovoltaic racking system, roof photovoltaic racking system, and tracking photovoltaic racking system, which are widely used in various photovoltaic power stations. We provide services such as the design and production of photovoltaic racks and provide customers with one-stop service.  Learn More

WBQ Ground Screw Technology
No Digging. No Concrete. No Worries.
Innovation foundation expert, at WBQ, Ground Screws are designed, engineered and developed in order to eliminates the need for concrete footings.
Ground screws are installed like a traditional screw and can be set within minutes, they are instantly loadable with no waiting time, environmentally friendly, ecological, and sustainable.
They are suitable for a wide range of soil and ground types, are stable, long-lasting and reusable.  Learn More

Advantages of WBQ Ground Screws:
  •  No excavating, digging, or concrete
  • Installation within minutes
  • Instantly loadable with no waiting time
  • Stable, durable, water proof, and secure against wind
  • Environmentally friendly, ecological, and sustainable
  • No damage to surrounding landscape
  • Fast and inexpensive to dismantle and relocate
  • Can be installed into sealed surfaces
 Learn More


WBQ Spiral Piling Machine
Effective solutions to optimize driving in every situation.
Ground Screws are driven into the ground using machinery and equipment specially developed by WBQ,  promising a quick, easy and accurate performance. WBQ offers optimal driving solutions for everything from simple grass meadows to stiff soil conditions (Class V) and difficult rock conditions (Class VII). The range includes pre-drilling gear for difficult rock conditions. Learn More


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